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Here at Niven Morgan we do our best to see the world globally. We look for inspiration from our locales to help engineer our products to be more than just fragrances and lotions. We look to bring a part of the world to your home, whether that is in the form of our locale-inspired candle scents  or our travel-sets of soaps and lotions for the like-minded traveling connoisseur.


Fashion…one of the biggest types of inspiration I witness while traveling.

The differences between Texas fashion, Louisiana fashion, and New York City fashion all differ because of culture, climate, and work dynamics. Though I travel to many places, similar trends seem to be in the midst of every location. The summer of 2012 brought us a new edge to fashion in women’s wear with color blocking, neon colors, and floral prints. Menswear combined edge with sophistication in khaki suiting, bold prints, and the color yellow.  You should never let someone else determine your style, but let fashion be determined by how you interpret it yourself. It’s the same with my candles and lotions. I take scents from places I’ve traveled and how I have remembered their fragrant essences, and then transform them into inspiring products.

Summer Fashion is something that brings a smile to everyone’s face whether male or female, big city or small. We can’t wait to put away our pants and sweaters, and jump into bright colors and printed shorts. Here are a few fashionable trends I’ve fallen in love with over the summer. Take a look in your closet and you might find your style already embodies these colors or pattern!

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(Pictures courteous of: Niven Morgan, Style Bistro, and Fashion Bean)

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