November Trends

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Family celebrations, quiet meditations, holidays and romantic dinners—candlelight sets the mood for these events like nothing else can. With the holiday season just days away you are likely neck deep in preparations. I know when I'm prepping my home for company I like to look around and try to see my home through my guests’ eyes. I take time to walk through my home and take in a few deep breaths, what do I smell? Lighting scented candles before company arrives, ensures that my guests first impression is inviting for us to share our time together.


However, you don’t always need a special occasion to light an inviting candle in your home. Candles are one of the simplest ways to relax and unwind. The subtle light they emit adds an extra layer of cozy warmth. And the fragrance! Whether you’re looking for a mental escape to your favorite vacation spot or a way to recreate holiday memories, candles are a perfect fit.

As you make order of your long list of holiday projects and errands, don’t forget that first impressions matter.  With the aroma of fern needles, cloves and fresh figs, my North Pole Winter Fig candle invites your guests on a trip down memory lane. Between the nostalgic scent of the candle and the joy of your company, your guests will no doubt leave with fond new memories of their time spent with you. And isn’t making memories together what the holidays are all about? Of course.

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