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Do you have some hard to buy for people on your Christmas list? Don’t we all?  Is it getting harder to find just the right gift for that hard to buy for person? Friends and family members who already have everything they want and need, can be incredibly hard to buy a creative or useful Christmas gift for! So how do you make Christmas merry for the folks who seem to have everything? Today we're going to share some creative gift ideas for those hard to buy for people.

Tis the season of giving! So give to your loved one’s favorite charitable organization. Knowing a bit about the person you’re giving to plays in heavily here. What topics are your receivers the most passionate about? Dog rescue? Child abuse? Education? Is there perhaps, a medical research foundation that would be appropriate? Juvenile diabetes research? Breast cancer? Alzheimer’s? Take some time to really think on this. Choosing the right charity can touch your loved one’s heart deeper than you might think. It tells them you listen. That you care about what they care about.

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, perhaps you could make your charitable gift something that’s a bit more meaningful. Consider donating the gift of time in your loved one’s honor. Or even better, with your loved one! If your mother was an avid reader, maybe the gift of reading aloud to the elderly at your local senior living center would be appropriate. Or you could head up a donation drive through soliciting children’s books donations from your other friends, family, or coworkers. Chronicle your time through keeping a journal, a framed photo, or even making a small scrapbook. A remembrance of the time you spent together in service will truly stand the test of time for your loved one.

The beauty of giving these types of gifts is that it means so much to your recipient, plus you’re doing something meaningful for the world, too. By avoiding the trap of materialism and competitiveness and focusing on gifting charitably and meaningfully, you will enjoy a much more financially sound, peaceful, and fulfilling holiday season.

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