Candle Etiquette

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Whenever I burn a candle, it completely transforms the feel of my home. I love how candles can instantly add warmth, romance, and elegance to my kitchen, bathroom, or living room. They illuminate our senses and simultaneously create a fresh and comforting atmosphere. To insure my candles have a cleaner, longer-lasting burn, here are some tricks I keep in mind:
1. Trim the wick.
For a cleaner and longer burn, carefully trim your candle’s wick using the Wickman Candle Trimmer before every use. Often times, you’ll find that cutting with scissors allows the wick to slip back into the candle. The Wick Trimmer’s attached tray catches the cut wick so you can cleanly dispose of it.

2. Avoid placing candles under air currents.
The placement of the candle is very important. Remember to avoid leaving your candles under ceiling fans or in the direct airflow of air vents. It sounds simple, but often times we’re unaware of the strong currents of air in our households that may cause your candle to smoke. Never leave burning candles unattended.

3. Always burn your candle 2-3 hours.  
This helps prevent the candle from tunneling down the center of the container while also allowing it to burn cleaner and longer.

4. Properly extinguish the flame.   
Using the Wickman Wick Dipper, simply push the wick into the melted wax and immediately reset the wick back in the center of the candle.  This helps minimize smoke from the extinguished candle. Keep in mind that wick dippers should only be used on container and pillar candles. The Wick Dipper solves the issue of a smoky residue and odor in your household.

5. Let the wax harden for several hours before re-lighting.
Remember to trim the wick once the wax has hardened. It’s important to give the wax time to harden for several hours before lighting it again. This way, you can avoid the problem of dripping and any mess that may come along with the wax.

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