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It’s one thing to be remembered by your scent, good or bad. But more importantly, the scent of your home will have longest last impression on your guests (and maybe that potential special someone). As guys, fragrance for the home is one of the last things on the list, if on it at all. Febreeze over the stench of a gross gym bag and old take-out won’t do the trick unfortunately fellas. Let’s step it up a little bit with a couple of these suggestions



Twenty Things We Love About Fall

As summer comes to a close, I find myself becoming greedy for all things fall. With the cooler weather appearing to be here to stay it's time to list the things we love about this colorful season. If you're a glass-half-full type, there's a lot to love.


  1. Leaves turning beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow
  2. Football and the start of the NBA season
  3. Liquid dinner: soups, chili & stews
  4. Listening to all the wonderful songs of the season, like "Autumn in New York" by Billie Holliday
    and "Autumn Leaves" by Duke Ellington
  5. Out with the flip flops and in with the warm socks and boots
  6. Lighting a fall scented candle
  7. Our favorite television shows back with all new stories
  8. Wearing a favorite scarf and not melting
  9. Light sweaters
  10. Gigantic, gorgeous harvest moons
  11. Crisp, cool air
  12. The sound of leaves crunching under our feet
  13. Any food with pumpkin in it
  14. All things Halloween: Jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, costume parties
  15. Acorn strewn lawns
  16. Candy Corn
  17. Apple spice cake with a vanilla glaze
  18. Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hay rides
  19. Getting cozy under blankets that have been getting ignored on the back of the couch
  20. Spending more time outside since the scorching season over

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August Inspiration

My recent trip to beautiful Midwest America was both delightful and enlightening. I began my trip with some sightseeing in Aspen, Colorado, made my way through Vail, and ended my trip with horseback riding in Saratoga, Wyoming. The food, the shops, the views, and the people of this mountain area are all fantastic. You’ll be glad to know it’s a working trip. I’m working on a new Niven Morgan scent for next spring. I was there for a few days, so what kind of inspiration did I find?

Let us begin with a bit of culture. I began my trip in lovely Aspen where you must visit the Elliott Yeary Gallery on East Hyman Avenue to find great fine art and jewelry.  While there look for beautiful art pieces from Dallas's very own Kim Wyly and jewelry from Dallas designer Elizabeth Showers.

After you are famished from shopping head to Steak House 316 for dinner.  A gorgeous Victorian home repurposed into something new and unique. When the locals recommend it you know it must be incredible. You absolutely have to dine outside to enjoy the wonderful food and gorgeous weather.  Sitting outside also gives you a great people watching opportunity!

Housed in a rambling Victorian era home, Explore Booksellers is a genuine Aspen treasure. Book lovers young and old will be wowed at the amazing selection of books and atmosphere which can be found here. Be sure to look for Niven Morgan products at this great independent bookstore.

Finbarr’s Irish Pub & Kitchen joined the Aspen dining scene in late 2011. The food is just delicious; just for football season they’re serving Guinness & Cheddar Fondue. If you’re lucky, snag a table outside.
From Aspen I made my way to breathtaking Vail, Colorado.

Hiking the Shrine Pass about ten minutes from Vail is truly worth the trip. The wildflower meadows and pine woodlands are sights to behold…absolutely stunning.

For something different and entertaining don't miss Bol. With Bol’s sleek and modern design this isn’t your average 70’s inspired bowling alley. Bol boasts a full bar and offers smaller portions so you can try a variety of plates on the same visit. The menu is inspired by world flavors and healthy too. You can be sure to expect an exceptional meal, and you will definitely want to take your friends for a great night out.

I ended a great trip with a guided horse tour at Medicine Bow Lodge & Ranch in Saratoga, WY. With an altitude of 8,500 feet the views were bound to be exquisite and I was not disappointed. This was a fabulous way to experience the primitive life and great beauty of Wyoming. The photos below truly speak for themselves. 


I hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour around the Midwest. I can’t wait to share the newest Niven Morgan scent I’m working on. I just know you’re going to love it. Check back later this month for more inspiration.

The Human Obsession with Scent

It’s no surprise that we have a history and love of meaningful fragrances here at Niven Morgan. But we’re not alone. Mankind has always been naturally obsessed with aromas. Perfumes and fragranced oils have been around as long as man.. We have found archaeological evidence for this at dig sites in the way of perfume and oil bottles as well as references in the writings of ancient peoples. Over the years fragrance and perfume making has become a science as well as an art. As we explore the physiology of scent making we make discoveries every day: the different notes of a scent, the effect of acidity levels, concentration level differences, the reasons behind why some scents fade quickly on some individuals etc.

Fragrances and perfumes can inspire a multitude of thoughts and feelings in a person. Perhaps it’s a happy childhood experience – a spring rain spent with mom on the porch swing, the memory of a beloved vacation spot, or even the simple, everyday things in life that bring you joy. We also know that the reverse can be true. Some people don’t like fragrances with a rose base to them, because it makes them think of roses at a funeral. Yet, some might equate roses with the memory of their grandmother’s rose garden

What is special to you when it comes to fragrance, and why? These are good questions to ask yourself when it comes time to pick out your next candle or signature scent.

July Inspiration

“And what most people don’t understand is the bulk of business in this country is small businesses.”
–Alphonso Jackson

Traveling around the world has its perks, but it’s traveling to the small towns and visiting with the small businesses that carry our products that truly makes me thankful for the success I have achieved.  Visiting any and all of the businesses that carry Niven Morgan products has been a core value of this company along with developing personal relationships with each store. It does not matter how big or small the community is, I will always do my best to learn as much as I can about the owners and their businesses.

Small businesses and boutiques are what continue to inspire me to create new and inventive products. While traveling each month to these stores, I am always in admiration of their hard work and constant dedication to improving the business life in their community. Their loyalty, creative sales ideas, and wonderful atmosphere continue to amaze me.
This month I had the pleasure of visiting several stores in the great state of Texas. Each town is small and quaint, but they all put forward their own special touch. My first stop was at an extremely quaint boutique in Childress, Texas.

I’m not sure anyone wouldn’t feel at home when walking into the welcoming and inviting atmosphere of Ballyhoo in Childress, Texas.  Their charming coffee shop and products that range from kitchen goods to clothing make all their customers want to come back for more. Any of their marvelous kitchen products would pair great with Niven Morgan Tarocco and Orange Kitchen Hand Set! Ballyhoo brings Childress a terrific assortment of products as well as hard-working people!


Childress, TX
Population 6,000

Even though the population in Wellington, TX is just around 2,200 people chances are the lovely owners of The Gift Shoppe know every one of their customers by name. They have brought a unique touch of gifts, clothing, makeup and accessories to their boutique, and because they have such a remarkable store they are relocating to a newer and bigger location! , The Niven Morgan Rainwater Signature Candle would accompany any of the gorgeous dining wear they carry.


Wellington, TX
Population 2,200

What could be better than visiting a boutique named Sweet Tangerine? Possibly the fact that I was included in their grand opening celebration to help increase awareness about their company and what they are doing for their community. Their new location downtown will hopefully help revitalize the downtown area. It was an honor to be invited to speak about this company and my respect for small business in communities such as Corsicana.
Sweet Tangerine sells a variety of products, but one of their unique items is their selection of gourmet foods. A few of my other favorite items would be their selection of home décor decorative pieces plus their amazing collection of Vietri.


Corsicana, TX
Population 24,000

Eye-catching party dishes, French serving plates, and an enormous selection of gifts are a just a few of the remarkable products you will find at Pepperberries in Vernon, TX. Their unique perspective of buying one-of-a-kind gifts has brought their town a place to depend on for each special occasion. One exclusive item you will find at Pepperberries is hand crafted goats milk soaps from a local company, Sweet Cream Suds. These unique soaps are just another taste of the creativity of this small, but big-hearted community!


Vernon, TX
Population 11,000
My final stop around the great state of Texas was the small town of Canadian. This community has a rare restaurant that deserves some recognition. Grease Monkey is an old redesigned gas station turned…PIZZARIA! I did indulge in one of their phenomenal pizzas, but I must say their soups were my amazing and served from the back of an old car. If you are ever passing through on a road trip you must stop in for some unbelievable food.


Canadian, TX
Population 2,700

I ended my trip to Canadian by picking wild plums at the ranch. I have to say, picking plums is a lot easier than the jam-making process that follows! All was worth it when the fresh and airy aromas of these plum orchids brought about future inspiration.  Wild plum and fresh cut leaves anyone?
I hope you enjoyed my tour around Texas and learning about all of the small businesses that make Niven Morgan the company it has become today. Check back each month for new and exciting stories that you won’t want to miss!

Indagare: Dispatch from Mustique

Indagare - The next generation of travel wisdom
Dispatch from Mustique

Photo by Graciela Cattarossi

Indagare Insider Pamela Murdock gives us a summer dispatch from one of the Caribbean’s most romantic islands, Mustique.

One of the Caribbean’s great secrets is Mustique in the summer. Though I love being there during “the season,” summer is even more relaxed and just as fun. But whenever I go, my journey starts the minute I consider which house to rent, as the island features such a diversity of architectural styles and locations. We constantly stay in different houses to enjoy new views, décor and moods.

Every year there’s something new, and this summer was no exception. The Mustique Company inaugurated its first ever drive-in movie theater, with the film The Commitments. People arrived with picnic suppers or bought hot dogs from the food tent. In true Mustique fashion, the entire evening was charming and very entertaining. Adding to the amusement was the Activities Director’s dog, Stump, who howled along with several songs. The rest of the summer’s line-up includes The Godfather, Blues Brothers, Identity, Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (along with a party, for which guests have been told “costumes are highly recommended”).

In addition to sailing, tennis, riding and soccer camps, The Mustique Company has whipped up quite a few new activities perfect for entertaining children and some houseguests. Our household was content with lounging by the pool or beach but for those who need a bit more action, instructors for dance, yoga, paddleboard, kite surfing and several types of exercise programs are available. There are also special barbeques and cocktail parties, children’s movies and theme parties like a treasure hunt, which takes place all around the island, and Full Moon Lagoon Parties. Another addition is that Firefly, a guesthouse, will now deliver pizzas to your house, ideal for a quiet movie night at home.

I was also delighted to find special Mustique products like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and lotion in our bathrooms. They smell lovely and are terrific and can even be purchased online as part of Niven Morgan’s Mustique 1958 collection (1958 refers to the year Colin Tennant bought the island).

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SB Magazine

As seen in SB Magazine

Houston Chronicle - Good Look

The Summer Fashion Edition

Here at Niven Morgan we do our best to see the world globally. We look for inspiration from our locales to help engineer our products to be more than just fragrances and lotions. We look to bring a part of the world to your home, whether that is in the form of our locale-inspired candle scents  or our travel-sets of soaps and lotions for the like-minded traveling connoisseur.


Fashion…one of the biggest types of inspiration I witness while traveling.

The differences between Texas fashion, Louisiana fashion, and New York City fashion all differ because of culture, climate, and work dynamics. Though I travel to many places, similar trends seem to be in the midst of every location. The summer of 2012 brought us a new edge to fashion in women’s wear with color blocking, neon colors, and floral prints. Menswear combined edge with sophistication in khaki suiting, bold prints, and the color yellow.  You should never let someone else determine your style, but let fashion be determined by how you interpret it yourself. It’s the same with my candles and lotions. I take scents from places I’ve traveled and how I have remembered their fragrant essences, and then transform them into inspiring products.

Summer Fashion is something that brings a smile to everyone’s face whether male or female, big city or small. We can’t wait to put away our pants and sweaters, and jump into bright colors and printed shorts. Here are a few fashionable trends I’ve fallen in love with over the summer. Take a look in your closet and you might find your style already embodies these colors or pattern!

Yours Truly,

(Pictures courteous of: Niven Morgan, Style Bistro, and Fashion Bean)

June Traveling Inspiration

Summer makes life simpler, happier, and more enjoyable for those of us who love to travel! This month I had the pleasure of visiting a few stores in Texas and Louisiana who carry our Niven Morgan products. You will see this month’s ventures revolved around dinnerware, fashion, and food. Take a look at some of the great finds and read about all the interesting aspects of what inspires yours truly!


Have you ever traveled somewhere and food was all you could think about? While visiting Barron’s in Longview, TX I had to dine at Café Barron’s and indulge in their crispy fried chicken. This might possibly be the best fried chicken I’ve eaten, and it’s served every Friday! Not only do they have a delicious café, they also have an amazing selection of Vietri dinnerware sets and dishes great for a summer dinner party. Fill the house with the aroma of a Niven Morgan candle and you’ve got a perfect night of entertaining.



Barron’s: Longview, TX


Traveling always includes one thing: shopping. Deborah’s boutique in Longview, TX always has that one item that is sure to catch your eye. Their Vera Bradley selection is sure to catch their customers eye with  bright colors and festive designs. Plus, your Niven Morgan travel set will be the perfect accessory to a Vera Bradley bag.

Deborah’s: Marshall, TX


Anytime I am in Shreveport, I know where I can find great food, good taste, and several unique designs. If you haven’t had a taste of Biscotti’s at Lewis Gifts, you are missing out! My favorite items on the menu include their Cuban sandwich and the chopped salad. When browsing through Lewis Gifts it’s hard to walk through the baby section without wanting to buy for all of my friend’s newborns. A few other favorite items are their Italian glass vases, and gorgeous linens that create a chic summer style for your home.

Luckily, whenever I travel to Shreveport I usually am there long enough to eat more than once. When I do, Superior Steakhouse is always on the top of my list. They have amazing Louisiana crawfish cakes, char-grilled oysters, and a mouth-watering filet. I would also recommend stopping into Deli Casino, a local favorite in Shreveport. If you have enough time during your visit and enjoy a unique dining experience, you must try Mabry House Restaurant. It sits in an old Victorian House where you just might get to sit at the “chefs table.”

Lewis Gifts: Shreveport, LA


Every time I visit The Writing Horse in Tyler, TX I manage to always find something that will make a great gift! I immediately fell in love with this Montes Doggett cream and sugar set (top left picture), and I’m positive you will fall in love with their collection of Juliska glassware.  Not only will you find a perfect gift for your friend when shopping at The Writing Horse, but they also have an amazing kids section for your next baby shower or kids birthday party. I would suggest heading here first if you are looking for a great gift. Add a Niven Morgan candle or lotion like the Gold Body Lotion to your gift  and I promise your gift will be a hit!

The Writing Horse: Tyler, TX


Ladies, I’m sure most of you have heard the name Tory Burch…while I was visiting Spinout in Tyler, TX I couldn’t help but admire their impressive selection of the Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2012 collection. If you’ve got a hot date this summer you might want to stop in for a little shopping session! While browsing around the store I found these festive Karma living room pillows (right) that could add a pop of color to your living room or a kids room.








Spinout: Tyler, TX

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