Mustique 1958 by Niven Morgan Takes Your Body and Mind to the Fantasy Island

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April 25, 2012 

The island of Mustique located in south Caribbean is known as part of the Grenadines, a private and resort villa founded in 1958 by Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner. Today, it is privately owned and managed up to an upmost caliber. It has perfect climate for all season touring and getaways for those that seek privacy and quiet relaxation. Some of the island animals you might come across are tortoises and herons roaming freely on the crystal clear beaches. Celebrities and royal families are some of the more notable individuals seen on the island. Mustique is an island of luxury and true paradise for full relaxation.


To capture everything about the island and more, Niven Morgan has presented the line Mustique 1958. The line makes you feel the sea breeze and island like climate along with floral essences. For the line, the scent is so smooth and fresh to the nose because of the bit of woodiness mixed in with citrus. The sparkling citrus scent reminds me of champagne and the breeze from the islands on Hawaii (even though we are talking about Mustique).

Starting off with the hand products, Niven Morgan has a set of hand soap and lotion that is made to smell not only nice and clean, there is also a richness to the silky hand lotion.

The hand soap provides a quick and easy wash for the hands, where it leaves them squeaky clean with a nice refreshing scent. Even though it turns your hands into completely squeaky clean, it isn’t drying. Just apply a pump or two and lather up then rinse. Afterwards, nourish the hands with the hand lotion where it contains a non-greasy formula that’s light but ulta hydrating. It leaves the hands flawlessly smooth like silk with a protective thin layer of cream. You could actually feel it!

Let’s talk about the products for the body now. For showering, there is a body wash from the line that provides an extremely rich foaming gel where if you use a pouf , you will know what I mean. Anyways, if you smell bad after a long day or if you’re tired, this stuff is like mojo where it will anew you after use almost instantaneously.

In the shampoo, there is an infusion of aloe vera, willow bark, and sugar cane. YES SUGAR CANE! It left my hair silky smooth and cleansed. I was surprised when I first used this because I never tried sugar cane in shampoos. As moisturizing as the shampoo is, the conditioner adds an extra layer of richness giving hair protein (soy) what it needs from the root to the tip. You can use this conditioner everyday and it is color safe too!

As nourishing and luxurious the body lotion is, it has high quality ingredients that are organically grown. There is aloe vera, shea butter, cucumber, and algae. The body lotion absorbs quite quickly and refreshes the skin. I think the cucumber is such a nice ingredient in contrast with everything else. Your body will become smooth and soft with the lotion. After use, you will notice that it doesn’t leave any traces of those pesky like stickiness at all. The absorption is phenomenal.

Finally, here is the Eau de Parfum which has a nice citrusy scent laced with woodiness to it. The pleasant scent will leave you awake the entire day. I sprayed it around my neck and wrist, it lasted a good 3 hours before the scent started waning down a bit.

Mustique’s scent and the whole line are a lot different than any others from Niven Morgan. It gives a pure sense of luxury and resort like feeling. The hand soap and lotion feel especially nice leaving hard working hands super soft and moisturized. Also, whether you’re in the shower or out of the shower, you can feel just as great with the rest of the products.

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