Home Décor, Summer Scents, and Much More…

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When you think of a summer home, you think of fresh-cut flowers in beautiful vases, comfy couches, and the light that splashes through the windows imitating beach waves. Some may remember homes by the smells, the feelings, or even the simple party decorations sitting on the patio tables.


A home always has a smell, whether that is the rich blend of beach and BBQ, the sweet mixture of watermelon and fresh-squeezed lemonade, or a refreshing scent of San Miguel Lime and Bougainvillea.

When you wash your hands from the beach sand or the gardening that has had your attention from dusk to dawn, you want your hands to feel as clean and soft as stepping out of a candle-lit bath. Dive into our pleasurable Tarroco Orange and Lavender Hand Set to give you a glimpse of what true lasting summer refreshment is supposed to exemplify.

Topping it all off, summer parties are meant to establish a sense of family and friendship as well as light up the night with laughter and joy. Ideas for this summer include beautiful pastel decorations that could accompany tissue paper balls hanging from a white tent outside to fun enveloped invitations to your grand party.  Casa Sugar: Trend Spotting For Spring and Summer 2012

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