The Human Obsession with Scent

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It’s no surprise that we have a history and love of meaningful fragrances here at Niven Morgan. But we’re not alone. Mankind has always been naturally obsessed with aromas. Perfumes and fragranced oils have been around as long as man.. We have found archaeological evidence for this at dig sites in the way of perfume and oil bottles as well as references in the writings of ancient peoples. Over the years fragrance and perfume making has become a science as well as an art. As we explore the physiology of scent making we make discoveries every day: the different notes of a scent, the effect of acidity levels, concentration level differences, the reasons behind why some scents fade quickly on some individuals etc.

Fragrances and perfumes can inspire a multitude of thoughts and feelings in a person. Perhaps it’s a happy childhood experience – a spring rain spent with mom on the porch swing, the memory of a beloved vacation spot, or even the simple, everyday things in life that bring you joy. We also know that the reverse can be true. Some people don’t like fragrances with a rose base to them, because it makes them think of roses at a funeral. Yet, some might equate roses with the memory of their grandmother’s rose garden

What is special to you when it comes to fragrance, and why? These are good questions to ask yourself when it comes time to pick out your next candle or signature scent.

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