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It’s that time of year - time for last minute scurrying by ladies and gents everywhere. Valentine’s Day is here! What to give? What to give? Here are Niven’s last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


1. Artisan du Chocolat’s Lovebirds Heart Box – Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? A pretty red shaped box filled with all manner of chocolate delights is just what you need to satisfy them. Chocolate pearls, liquid sea salted caramels, couture chocolates and more. Guaranteed to be more than just a cliché!

2. My Man Made Collection – Hopefully the ladies have had this one on their list since we launched the collection last month. Made with men in mind, you can help the guy in your life discover a shaving experience like never before.

3. Nymphenburg Porcelain Branch Candlesticks – These stunning white bisque candlesticks truly make a statement. The blending of inorganic materials into organic shapes is one of my favorite art forms. Handmade in Germany and designed by Ted Muehling, this gift is for lovers of art and style.

4. My Jean Baptiste 1717 Collection – Fragrance is always an exceptionally romantic gift for your sweetheart. With its gentle mix of wild rose, princess lily, subtle traces of caramel and creamy vanilla, and more, Jean Baptiste 1717 evokes sweet times and love found. Among the senses involved in romance, our sense of scent is the most powerful. This gift makes perfect use of it!

5. Lydia Courteille Jewelry – It has long been known that jewelry is an all-around favorite when it comes to romantic gift giving. But not just any bauble will do. It has to be special and unique. That’s why I love jewelry by Lydia Courteille.
Valentine’s Day always brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from romantic writer Victor Hugo, in his book Les Miserables: "To love another person is to see the face of God."

No matter how you mark the day, special gifts or not, I wish you love in abundance.

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