Seen Heard Known - Niven Morgan Man-Made and Rue 1807

Niven Morgan proudly debuts a new men’s line and fragrance, Man Made and RUE 1807.

You think shaving is easy? Ask any guy, and he’ll tell you about the time he accidentally nicked himself and came out of the bathroom looking like an extra in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Well, moon face or not, we all know having a good razor makes a huge difference, but using the right shaving cream makes the process even smoother. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Thanks to Niven Morgan’s new men’s line, Man Made, shaving can be achieved with ease. The Dallas-based fragrance designer noted, “I created a men’s line that I wanted to use. Shave smoother with more comfort. It’s simple, smart shaving.”

The exclusive collection comprises a range of fragrance-free men’s shaving products that are carefully manufactured with natural and calming botanical ingredients. Dudes are going to love the Prime Time Pre-Shave Cream because it’s made from aloe vera, natural extracts and essential oils, the vitamin-enriched pre-shave cream enables smoother shaving and and it will make the experience as enjoyable as sitting on the couch and watching the Giants suck.

The Razor Made Shave Cream contains a nice blend of aloe vera, shea butter and calming botanicals. The natural oils help condition and prepare the skin for a more comfortable shave.

Apart from the shaving creams, the new line also includes the Daily Dose Face Moisturizer and the Double Play Cleanser and Exfoliator. Women aren’t the only ones that should be concerned about skincare. It’s important that guys take care of themeselves. And it’s your fricken’ face. What do girls care about? Well, while dudes think boobs and ass, girls think face, nice smile, facial hair — well, most of the time. The Double Play Cleanser makes cleansing and exfoliating super simple (for you dumb fellas). It combines good ingredients like glycerin, natural extracts and exfoliating jojoba beads that result in a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser, leading to a visibly brighter and healthier complexion.

Don’t forget to moisturize, especially with the drop in temperature across the city and with the new girl in your life you’ve been having sleep over. Equipped with anti-aging elements, vitamins and natural extracts, the Daily Dose Face Moisturizer nourishes your skin and combats aging.

Niven Morgan also proudly introduces RUE 1807, a fragrance for men that encapsulates the richness of New Orleans. This deep, musky scent captures the soul of one of America’s most interesting cities in a bottle. It’s a strong blend of absinthe and bourbon (okay, they totally know their audience), cypress and moss, vetiver and incense. RUE 1807 is best described as dark and exotic, a fragrance designed to exemplify the seductive southern charm of New Orleans.

Morgan has constructed a growing empire of aromatic candles, soaps, lotions and home scents. Most of his inspiration stems from his international travels and childhood memories on his family’s farm in Louisiana. RUE 1807 and Man Made caters to guys’ comfort and contentment, making this the ideal product line for men. — Carissa Gan

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