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Scent-sational Scoop...Paris by Niven Morgan

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love a great candle. As soon as I get home, one of the first things I do is light a candle or two in the parlor, or the den, or the kitchen. Yes! I am a candle-aholic. Now, I said it. I own it.

I have an entire antique bureau at the top of my stairs filled to the limits with candles I enjoy for every season. I buy many, but luckily I am gifted with these gems as well.

Each week on this blog, I hope to feature one candle that I am presently enjoying or have enjoyed in the past.

This week's candle was a holiday host gift I received from BFF Sal (S).

The candle I am presently burning in my parlor and den is Paris from the Doors Collection by Dallas-based fragrance designer Niven Morgan (who was born and raised in good ole Louisiana). The candle Paris smells of blue cypress and absinthe. It is simply amazing. Paris "transports you to the intimate Hemingway bar in the Ritz, where you sip absinthe, eavesdrop on conversation in a half-dozen languages, and fall in love with Paris all over again." Wow! Doesn't that description sound inviting? Sounds like an experience I'd love.

I hope you will enjoy my weekly candle features. Please share your favorites with me. I am always in the market for one or three.

Candles are scent-sational! Enjoy (and always be safe)!

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