Niven Morgan Blue Scent Bergamot & Amber Moisturizing Shampoo

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Niven Morgan is probably one of the best makers of combining relaxation / calming techniques with simple everyday bathing use products. Each time I use their products, I feel my shoulder softening up from tension and my neck softening up from hardness. If you haven’t seen the wonderful things they put out check out their other line which is the Gold Scent. Today, I want to show you their Shampoo from the Blue Scent line. It is something even my daughter’s Bear in a Duck Boat feels cleansed after use.

This bottle of shampoo comes in at 11 fl oz and will be available at Bear in the Duck Boat toy not included!

Once opened, the bottle of shampoo gives off a very calming scent. The scent I immediately sensed was like the big ocean by the beach with citrus infusion. It’s not only this product though, most of Niven Morgan’s scents are found to be very refreshingly nice. A little description on the site can be found about this product.

A fresh, intoxicating fragrance, Niven Morgan’s Blue evokes visual stimuli: a perfect sky reflected in the melted sapphire of a calm sea, these primary blues expressed in an elixir that blends exotic tropical woods and warm amber spiced with mandarin, bergamot and the bright tang of lemon. For men and women.

The top notes to this scent are Amber and Sandalwood while the middle notes include Lemon and Mandarin. Finally, Bergamont is the bottom note.

This shampoo comes in a gel like texture form that is rather rich in ingredients. A few scrubs here and there bring up the foam and bubbly action. Rinsing off is a piece of cake without much effort. But the end result is your hair feeling smooth and happy while it feels cleansed.

Niven Morgan Blue Scent Shampoo is a really moisturizing shampoo that comes very easy to use right out of the box. The scent itself is not only calming, it relieves stress and pain by making you feel relaxed. It is one bottle of love that can be shared in the whole house. When ladies appreciate the rich buttery foam and silky smooth hair, guys will be drawn by the fresh relaxing scent and squeaky clean feel.

As always, Mr. Morgan himself is a lover of animals, so animal testing is non-existent within the brand.

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