Niven Morgan Kitchen & Bath Hand Set Tarocco Orange & Lavender and Orange Flower & Olive


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Everyday we have grown accustomed to washing our hands with soap and nourishing them with lotion. It’s like a ritual that we do each and everyday especially when we are trying to get rid of germs and toxins. Sometimes we hate washing our hands because the harshness the soap brings. I know I hate harsh soaps, I get cracked skin and it hurts! Niven Morgan brings a set of soap and lotion that can make washing hands and nurturing them a whole lot easier and more.

Niven Morgan hand soaps are truly a masterpiece. The soaps are rich in foam and cleanse the hands in one wash. Each soap comes with a rich aroma that leaves your hands smelling nice and fresh.

Tarocco Orange & Lavender gives you a scent of fresh sweet oranges with a subtle scent of soothing lavender. The scent is a must have for any orange lovers. I myself have grown to love this scent because I love drinking orange juice.

Orange Flower & Olive is a blast of floral with orange flowers. There is also a scent in the background which is olive. You could think of it as olive oil in one way or another. When I first used this it came across to me as olive oil with infused floral scents. The scent stuck that way because I had once purchased a floral scented bottle of olive oil for cooking.

Moving on to the hand lotions. The lotions complementing the soaps are said to be able to sooth, soften, and moisturize your hands because of the Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Cucumbers, and much more! When I used the lotion after washing my hands, I did find it to be cooling and relaxing to the skin. It doesn’t have a thick texture instead a silkier smooth absorbing build. Nourishing and moisturizing as it may be, it comes with a wonderful scent.

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