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Dispatch from Mustique

Photo by Graciela Cattarossi

Indagare Insider Pamela Murdock gives us a summer dispatch from one of the Caribbean’s most romantic islands, Mustique.

One of the Caribbean’s great secrets is Mustique in the summer. Though I love being there during “the season,” summer is even more relaxed and just as fun. But whenever I go, my journey starts the minute I consider which house to rent, as the island features such a diversity of architectural styles and locations. We constantly stay in different houses to enjoy new views, décor and moods.

Every year there’s something new, and this summer was no exception. The Mustique Company inaugurated its first ever drive-in movie theater, with the film The Commitments. People arrived with picnic suppers or bought hot dogs from the food tent. In true Mustique fashion, the entire evening was charming and very entertaining. Adding to the amusement was the Activities Director’s dog, Stump, who howled along with several songs. The rest of the summer’s line-up includes The Godfather, Blues Brothers, Identity, Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (along with a party, for which guests have been told “costumes are highly recommended”).

In addition to sailing, tennis, riding and soccer camps, The Mustique Company has whipped up quite a few new activities perfect for entertaining children and some houseguests. Our household was content with lounging by the pool or beach but for those who need a bit more action, instructors for dance, yoga, paddleboard, kite surfing and several types of exercise programs are available. There are also special barbeques and cocktail parties, children’s movies and theme parties like a treasure hunt, which takes place all around the island, and Full Moon Lagoon Parties. Another addition is that Firefly, a guesthouse, will now deliver pizzas to your house, ideal for a quiet movie night at home.

I was also delighted to find special Mustique products like shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and lotion in our bathrooms. They smell lovely and are terrific and can even be purchased online as part of Niven Morgan’s Mustique 1958 collection (1958 refers to the year Colin Tennant bought the island).

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