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Dallas loyalists line up to toast Niven Morgan for major milestone

Culture Map Dallas - Dallas loyalists line up to toast Niven Morgan for major milestone By Diana Oates  11.23.13

Dallas entrepreneur Niven Morgan knows a good thing when he smells it. He has built an empire on luxurious beauty products and home fragrances such as candles, soaps and lotions.

Morgan’s scents have been infusing homes for 15 years. To celebrate this milestone, loyal fans gathered at Stanley Korshak, a longtime supporter of the Niven Morgan line.

Guests — including Lynn McBee, Chuck Steelman, Kari Schlegel Kloewer, Kim Schlegel Whitman, Claire Emanuelson, and Muffin and John Lemak — sipped on specialty cocktails by Belvedere vodka and snacked on amazing apps from Lombardi’s catering while offering their sincere congratulations.

Morgan draws inspiration from his travels around the world and from childhood memories of his family’s Louisiana farm. He also has an appreciation for art, fashion and interior design, as evidenced by his elegant packaging.

No wonder ladies in Dallas and beyond swear by his line. We look forward to another 15 years.

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Seen Heard Known - Niven Morgan Man-Made and Rue 1807

Niven Morgan proudly debuts a new men’s line and fragrance, Man Made and RUE 1807.

You think shaving is easy? Ask any guy, and he’ll tell you about the time he accidentally nicked himself and came out of the bathroom looking like an extra in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Well, moon face or not, we all know having a good razor makes a huge difference, but using the right shaving cream makes the process even smoother. Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Thanks to Niven Morgan’s new men’s line, Man Made, shaving can be achieved with ease. The Dallas-based fragrance designer noted, “I created a men’s line that I wanted to use. Shave smoother with more comfort. It’s simple, smart shaving.”

The exclusive collection comprises a range of fragrance-free men’s shaving products that are carefully manufactured with natural and calming botanical ingredients. Dudes are going to love the Prime Time Pre-Shave Cream because it’s made from aloe vera, natural extracts and essential oils, the vitamin-enriched pre-shave cream enables smoother shaving and and it will make the experience as enjoyable as sitting on the couch and watching the Giants suck.

The Razor Made Shave Cream contains a nice blend of aloe vera, shea butter and calming botanicals. The natural oils help condition and prepare the skin for a more comfortable shave.

Apart from the shaving creams, the new line also includes the Daily Dose Face Moisturizer and the Double Play Cleanser and Exfoliator. Women aren’t the only ones that should be concerned about skincare. It’s important that guys take care of themeselves. And it’s your fricken’ face. What do girls care about? Well, while dudes think boobs and ass, girls think face, nice smile, facial hair — well, most of the time. The Double Play Cleanser makes cleansing and exfoliating super simple (for you dumb fellas). It combines good ingredients like glycerin, natural extracts and exfoliating jojoba beads that result in a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser, leading to a visibly brighter and healthier complexion.

Don’t forget to moisturize, especially with the drop in temperature across the city and with the new girl in your life you’ve been having sleep over. Equipped with anti-aging elements, vitamins and natural extracts, the Daily Dose Face Moisturizer nourishes your skin and combats aging.

Niven Morgan also proudly introduces RUE 1807, a fragrance for men that encapsulates the richness of New Orleans. This deep, musky scent captures the soul of one of America’s most interesting cities in a bottle. It’s a strong blend of absinthe and bourbon (okay, they totally know their audience), cypress and moss, vetiver and incense. RUE 1807 is best described as dark and exotic, a fragrance designed to exemplify the seductive southern charm of New Orleans.

Morgan has constructed a growing empire of aromatic candles, soaps, lotions and home scents. Most of his inspiration stems from his international travels and childhood memories on his family’s farm in Louisiana. RUE 1807 and Man Made caters to guys’ comfort and contentment, making this the ideal product line for men. — Carissa Gan

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Passport Magazine Special Effects Niven Morgan Travel Set

Fragrance designer Niven Morgan takes inspiration from his travels around the world to infuse his diverse collection of skincare, home fragrance, and candles with heady worldly blends. The unisex “Blue” line is lightly scented with elements you’d expect to be heavy. Amber, sandalwood, and bergamot don’t cloy as they might with less deft handling, but instead, they are balanced by citrus notes of mandarin and lemon for a breezy carefree essence. The Blue Travel Set includes carry-on-friendly bottles of refreshing body wash, remarkably emollient and light body lotion, fresh and gentle shampoo, and restorative conditioner. The set comes in an acrylic and hemp travel pouch to toss in your bag and go, creating your own sense memories as you, too, travel around the globe. $26.

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As Seen in South Florida Luxury Guide

Daily Candy Beyond the Apple: Gift Ideas for Teacher

Daily Candy features Niven Morgan Gold Hand Lotion as a great gift idea for teachers.

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Candle Etiquette


Whenever I burn a candle, it completely transforms the feel of my home. I love how candles can instantly add warmth, romance, and elegance to my kitchen, bathroom, or living room. They illuminate our senses and simultaneously create a fresh and comforting atmosphere. To insure my candles have a cleaner, longer-lasting burn, here are some tricks I keep in mind:
1. Trim the wick.
For a cleaner and longer burn, carefully trim your candle’s wick using the Wickman Candle Trimmer before every use. Often times, you’ll find that cutting with scissors allows the wick to slip back into the candle. The Wick Trimmer’s attached tray catches the cut wick so you can cleanly dispose of it.

2. Avoid placing candles under air currents.
The placement of the candle is very important. Remember to avoid leaving your candles under ceiling fans or in the direct airflow of air vents. It sounds simple, but often times we’re unaware of the strong currents of air in our households that may cause your candle to smoke. Never leave burning candles unattended.

3. Always burn your candle 2-3 hours.  
This helps prevent the candle from tunneling down the center of the container while also allowing it to burn cleaner and longer.

4. Properly extinguish the flame.   
Using the Wickman Wick Dipper, simply push the wick into the melted wax and immediately reset the wick back in the center of the candle.  This helps minimize smoke from the extinguished candle. Keep in mind that wick dippers should only be used on container and pillar candles. The Wick Dipper solves the issue of a smoky residue and odor in your household.

5. Let the wax harden for several hours before re-lighting.
Remember to trim the wick once the wax has hardened. It’s important to give the wax time to harden for several hours before lighting it again. This way, you can avoid the problem of dripping and any mess that may come along with the wax.

Niven Morgan Reveals Jet-Set Style Picks

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DFW Style Daily relishes revealing the Obsession Confessions of local tastemakers. Today, Niven Morgan cements his status among our city’s top trendsetters, sharing a sophisticated aesthetic fundamental to both his personal style and his aromatic empire.

Morgan, founder and leader of the famed, fragrance-focused label that bears his name, curates his innovative perspective through enviable travels. He explains, “Experiencing creativity and trends reflected in what people from all over the world are wearing now, I want to inspire others with my selections!”

Find out why Morgan credits statement-making accessories, movie stars, and Mustique’s mystique as the keys to his success.

The Obsession: From New Orleans to Marrakech, Morgan’s travels inspire his company’s collections. These adventures also feed his addiction to resort-worthy swimwear and shades.

The Confession: A regular visitor to Mustique, our expert collects “easy yet elegant” pieces to wear on the luxe island. He also notes this destination’s influence on his work, stating, “I always feel like I a have a fresh take on my career and my style when I leave Mustique. I feel like boundaries have been broken and anything is possible.”

The Rationalization: Morgan’s affinity for sartorial seaside style has helped establish many international friendships. In fact, he shares that, during a recent holiday party in Mustique, Hugh Grant sidled over, “tugged on my trunks, and said ‘nice shorts.’”

The Collection: This stylish entrepreneur tells us of his most covetable finds, “My current favorite is a bulldog print swimsuit from Orlebar Brown, and I adore sunglasses by Tom Ford for great attention to detail and rich colors. Mykita also has edgy, cool lens options.”

Shop It: Find trunks by Orlebar Brown, similar to those pictured here, from $250 at Forty Five Ten. Morgan also recommends swimwear by DSquared and Hermès. Snag stylish sunglasses – and custom prescription lenses -  from his preferred labels at Insight Complete Eyecare.

February Travel Inspiration

Last month I made another quick business trip to Los Angeles. Quick or not, I always find inspiring things to share with you.

One of my first stops was to O’Gara Coach in Beverly Hills. We recently started supplying Niven Morgan products at the O’Gara Coach luxury car dealership that boasts cars everyone dreams of owning – Aston Martin, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce to name a few. I must say I’m proud they chose our products for their common spaces, offices and reception areas.

I managed to visit one of my favorite LA restaurants during the trip.  If you want to enjoy a delicious dinner and possibly see a few celebrities make a reservation at Spago, the newly remodeled Wolfgang Puck restaurant. For the best views, be sure to enjoy your meal outside. I would also highly recommend dining at e. baldi, an Italian ristorante, pizzeria and wine bar. Try the burrata & pesto followed by veal scaloppine pizzaiola.

If you are going to stay anywhere in Los Angeles make it the The Peninsula Hotel. My recommendation would be to get room 333 if possible; it’s larger than most and has a great terrace. Afternoon tea in The Living Room is a pleasant way to relax before going out, and when lounging by the crystal clear pool be sure to reserve the first cabana to the left of the pool for optimal California sun.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff of BodyFactory LA while at market. A great company with knowledgeable people, focused on improving your health and personal well-being. With its reputation for rejuvenation, Los Angeles is a perfect fit for BodyFactory and for Niven Morgan collections. Known as a hot spot where Hollywood celebs and a-listers refuel, you won’t find a better post workout smoothie in LA. This was a great end to another west coast visit.

Valentine's Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year - time for last minute scurrying by ladies and gents everywhere. Valentine’s Day is here! What to give? What to give? Here are Niven’s last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


1. Artisan du Chocolat’s Lovebirds Heart Box – Does your loved one have a sweet tooth? A pretty red shaped box filled with all manner of chocolate delights is just what you need to satisfy them. Chocolate pearls, liquid sea salted caramels, couture chocolates and more. Guaranteed to be more than just a cliché!

2. My Man Made Collection – Hopefully the ladies have had this one on their list since we launched the collection last month. Made with men in mind, you can help the guy in your life discover a shaving experience like never before.

3. Nymphenburg Porcelain Branch Candlesticks – These stunning white bisque candlesticks truly make a statement. The blending of inorganic materials into organic shapes is one of my favorite art forms. Handmade in Germany and designed by Ted Muehling, this gift is for lovers of art and style.

4. My Jean Baptiste 1717 Collection – Fragrance is always an exceptionally romantic gift for your sweetheart. With its gentle mix of wild rose, princess lily, subtle traces of caramel and creamy vanilla, and more, Jean Baptiste 1717 evokes sweet times and love found. Among the senses involved in romance, our sense of scent is the most powerful. This gift makes perfect use of it!

5. Lydia Courteille Jewelry – It has long been known that jewelry is an all-around favorite when it comes to romantic gift giving. But not just any bauble will do. It has to be special and unique. That’s why I love jewelry by Lydia Courteille.
Valentine’s Day always brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from romantic writer Victor Hugo, in his book Les Miserables: "To love another person is to see the face of God."

No matter how you mark the day, special gifts or not, I wish you love in abundance.

Niven Morgan - Issuu: A New Line for Men

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